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Dear Dr. Garko,

I am an avid listener of your radio program.  Thank you so much for a very interesting and informative show.  I learn something every time I listen!  I met you at the VDC in Brandon a few years ago.  I am 46 years old and I had a heart attack 10 years ago.  Since then, I have dramatically modified my lifestyle and I have learned so much about health!  Thank you so much for your time!

Suzan C.


Dr. Garko,
Though I don’t get your station in the Palm Beach area, I do have my hubby put programs on the mp3 player.  You have gone with me all over the world, (New Zealand, China, Ireland) and just a couple of weeks to Turkey, Israel and Greece.
Each and every program is not only educational and thoroughly enjoyed. I am also a certified nutritionist, and benefit tremendously from the info imparted.
So, a special thanks for all your work, dedication and humor.
Stay well

PS Delighted you are doing Power Yoga. I was certified by Beryl Binder at the Omega Institute over 12 yrs ago, and we still stay in touch. It was a fabulous experience

Pilates & Yoga Professional


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