Aging Successfully With Aged Garlic Extract

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Aging Successfully With Aged Garlic Extract

Michael G. Garko, Ph.D.

Host of Let’s Talk Nutrition

Aging strikes fear into the hearts of many people. It often conjures up images of an old person ridden with decrepitude and disease. However, aging is not inherently a disease process confined to old age with a precipitous or slow tortuous decline into frailty, senility and mortality.

This is not to say that aging is a damage-free process divorced from morbidity and disability leading to death. In fact, aging is the accumulation of damage to the building blocks of life (e.g., DNA, proteins, carbohydrates and lipids), cells, tissues and organs of the body. It is a process which begins at birth, extends over the life span and culminates in the body being unable to repair itself from age-related damage (see Moody, 2010; Olshansky, Hayflick & Carnes, 2002). However, contrary to the view that aging is inextricably linked to predetermined, disease-ridden senescence, it is possible to age successfully.

Successful Aging

To age successfully means to lower the risk of disease and disease-related disability, maintain high cognitive and physical functioning and remain engaged in life (Rowe & Kahn, 1997). Further, aging successfully entails minimizing the number of years spent suffering (i.e. morbidity), while maximizing the number of years lived with quality of life (i.e., compressing morbidity).

Not a few people doubt that it is possible to age successfully in the way just described. Nevertheless, there is scientific support to show that while it is inevitable, aging is alterable and while it is limiting, aging is not necessarily debilitating. Hence, successful aging is an achievable health goal.

Free-Radicals and Aging

One important way to age successfully is to limit the oxidative damage done to cells by free-radicals.  Following Denham Harman’s theory of aging, free-radicals are molecules which have lost an electron, making them highly unstable and creating molecular mayhem within the body damaging/oxidizing cells, nucleic acids (i.e., RNA &DNA), proteins and lipids. Over time the oxidative damage accumulates and eventually renders the body incapable of repairing itself and, thereby, accelerating the aging process and making the body susceptible to disease processes.

Normal metabolic processes (i.e., transforming of nutrients into energy) can create free radicals. Lifestyle, nutritional and environmental factors can also create free radicals. For example, tobacco smoke, alcohol, X-rays, sun exposure, toxic and poisonous chemicals in the air, water and soil, processed foods containing food additives and nutrients (e.g., trans fats), food preparation (e.g., barbequing), exercise and stress can create free radicals.

Aged Garlic Extract

Antioxidants, sometimes called free radical scavengers, are molecules capable of slowing or preventing the oxidation of other molecules by donating one of their electrons. As it turns out, Aged Garlic Extract (AGE), the Kyolic brand, is constituted of a dense concentration of antioxidants, giving it the ability to modulate oxidative stress and helping people to age successfully.

Over 750 peer-reviewed, scientific studies on Kyolic AGE have established its antioxidant properties and potential to protect the various systems of the body, all of which contributes to aging successfully. Antioxidant-rich Kyolic AGE has been shown scientifically to have:

  • Cardioprotective benefits
  • Liver-protective/detoxification benefits
  • Immune enhancement and anti-infection benefits
  • Antioxidant and radioprotective benefits
  • Anti-stress and anti-fatigue benefits
  • Brain/cognitive and neurotrophic effects and anti-depressive benefits

Kyolic AGE is a garlic supplement created using extraction and a proprietary process of aging. No chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are used in the farming of the garlic. The garlic is harvested, cleaned, sliced and then stored in stainless steel tanks for up to 20 months.

The aging process eliminates the pungent odor of the garlic and gives AGE its health–promoting benefits, without the unpleasant side effects (i.e., offensive odor and potential indigestion) of fresh raw garlic.


Aging is not inherently a disease ridden process occurring during the later stages of life and promising only a decline into decrepitude and death. It is possible to age successfully.  The antioxidant properties of Kyolic AGE can assist in aging successfully by helping to prevent and modulate cellular oxidation and degeneration caused by free-radicals. It is not being claimed that AGE can single handedly stop the aging process. However, taking Kyolic AGE daily is an effective nutritional tactic which can be combined with getting adequate rest and sleep, exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet rich in antioxidants and managing stress so as to age successfully.




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